Top 3 Questions

What is Covered?

What is covered, or more importantly what isn’t covered, are important questions to ask when considering a Vehicle Service Contract. Coverages vary from company to company, so it is important to read your contract carefully before committing. Understanding your contract is essential to getting the most value out of your coverage.

What is the Real Cost?

Deductibles, down payments, and other up-front costs could exist outside of your regular monthly payment. Be sure to understand the total cost of your Vehicle Service Contract by searching the terms of the agreement for these additional costs. Pay attention to what specific parts, maintenance, and vehicle systems are protected. Consider the monthly payments, up-front costs, and length of service to understand if the contract is really worth it. Vehicle Service Contracts are not “one size fits all.” Your specific driving habits and repair needs will decide what extended contract is right for you.

Who Guarantees my Vehicle Service Contract?

Understanding the company that backs your Vehicle Service Contract can help you identify who is actually paying for the work done to your vehicle. Make sure that the company providing your Vehicle Service Contract is reputable and reliable to cut down on potential headaches when having to utilize your contract services. A trustworthy Vehicle Service Contract company will provide a smooth and easy-to-understand contract experience. Another important factor to consider is if your Vehicle Service Contract company works with all repair shops or if you are required to go to specific shops for eligible repair work.